Dental Implant Courses

In Delhi

Dental Implant Courses (6 Modules)

Basic Course In Dental Implantology

This course is designed for dentists, who have little or no experience in the field of dental Implantology; our participants get a comprehensive 360 degree understanding of the subject as they are taken from treatment planning to prosthesis delivery of their very own cases.

  • The course is spread over 6 modules; each module 2 day (10am-4pm); over a period of 6 months.
  • Each participant will get to place 4 implants on actual patients.
  • All cases will be planned with the help of CBCT, Participants will be actively involved in not just implant placement but also in the treatment planning of their cases.
  • Participants take part in mock/pre-clinical exercise on phantom heads, where-in they have an opportunity to develop skills & confidence for the actual surgery.
  • Cases for immediate implant placement, implant supported overdenture , single tooth replacement will be done by participants.
  • All cases will be provided by the academy.
  • All prosthetic aspects from impression techniques to prosthesis delivery are undertaken in the 5th & 6th modules.
  • Full clinical support by the faculty for your future implant cases.
  • Limited for 4 to 6 participants per batch for logistic reasons and for greater interaction.


Module 1 : (Duration 2 days)

  • Introduction to dental Implantology
  • Rationale of dental implants
  • Bone physiology
  • Applied anatomy
  • Concepts of osseointegration
  • Armamentarium

Hands On:
Demonstration by the mentor & Hands-on placement on models

Module 2 : (Duration 2 days)

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in implant dentistry
  • Biomechanical Considerations,
  • Imaging (CT scan / X rays)
  • Model analysis
  • Surgical Protocol,
  • Pharmacology in implant dentistry

Clinical session :
Implant Surgery by participants

Module 3 : (Duration 2 days)

  • Surgical template & guided surgery.
  • Overview of Bone grafting.
  • Immediate implant placement
  • Single stage vs two stage procedure
  • Provisionalization

Clinical session :
Implant surgery by participants

Module 4 : (Duration 2 days)

  • All on Four & All on Six concept
  • Indirect sinus lift
  • Concept of implant overdentures
  • Introduction to some of the commonly used implant systems

Clinical session :
Demonstration of indirect sinus lift by the MENTOR on patient Implant surgery by participants

Module 5: (Duration 2 days)

  • Prosthetic components: Abutment selection
  • Second stage surgical protocol
  • Lecture and demonstration by mentor on impression techniques
  • Soft tissue management

Clinical session:
Impression making by participants

Module 6: (Duration 2 days)

  • Prosthetic options in dental Implantology
  • Implant Occlusion
  • Failures and complications,
  • Mantainence & hygiene for dental implants,

Clinical session:
Prosthesis delivery by participants

Clinic in Ashok Vihar

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