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Dental Implant In Ashok Vihar.

Dental implants are the best possible solution to restore and replace your missing teeth in the age of modern dentistry. With the advances in bio-engineering dental implants can be used for providing effective treatment solutions in case of single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and complete oral rehabilitation.

The treatment involves placing a titanium fixture /post into the jaw bone under anesthesia. This fixture subsequently fuses to the bone and provides support to the crown placed on top essentially acting as the “artificial tooth root”. This line of treatment offers numerous advantages

  • Provides a natural appearance of tooth emerging from gum.
  • Adjacent teeth do not require grinding as conventional bridgework.
  • Maintenance of bone structure and volume.
  • Allows patient to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Looks and feel like natural Teeth.
  • Cost effective in long run.

We at Dental Precision Clinic, have an extremely skilled set of implantlogists working as a team to provide the best standard of care at all times. In addition, all implants placed at our clinic come with lifetime warranty and easy payment options so you dont have to worry while choosing the best treatment for yourself and your loved ones.

Single Tooth Implants

In cases where one or more teeth are missing. Implant is best possible method of replacing the missing natural tooth/teeth. Although, there is wide variety of Implants available in the market. We believe in using Dental Implants which come with life-time warranty, provided by the manufacturer.

The other treatment for replacing missing tooth/teeth is crown and bridges. This is comparatively economical treatment option. But, the disadvantage is you loose a lot of intact adjacent tooth structure.

Steps In Dental Implant Placement:

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning: Proper radiographs ( preferably CBCT ) along with initial (diagnostic) impression & medical history (diabetes status and cardiac conditions) helps us to plan the surgery and to evaluate the amount and type of bone available at the site of implant placement.
  • Implant placement surgery: After giving the local anesthesia, with the help of drills the bone is prepared for putting the implant at the desired site. The size corresponding to the implant site is chosen and placed on to the site. The need of bone graft depends on the case requirement. The site is then closed with the help of sutures and allowed to heal. Post implant placement, the patient is given medications for 3-5 days along with few instructions.
  • Prosthetic Phase: The implant is left to integrate with the bone. The healing for this is 3-6months.After this period; a radiograph is again taken to evaluate the bone formation around the implant. Once the desired results are achieved, the abutment is placed over the implant and an impression is taken. This impression is now used to make the prosthetic tooth for the patient. This prosthetic tooth is now fixed with the implant with screw or cement.

Implant Supported Overdenture

These options are extremely popular amongst the regular denture wearers who are dissatisfied by the stability, speech and function of their prosthesis.


Implant supported over denture is a stronger alternative to the regular denture as the implants provide better anchorage to the overlying denture, thus better stability. Implants also helps to prevent further bone loss. This is an implant supported removable prosthesis. So the patient can remove this to maintain hygiene.

All On 4 Dental Implants

This treatment option is mainly suitable for those patients who have very less bone in posterior region and require full mouth rehabilitation.

In such cases, two implants are placed anterior jaw region and two tilted implants are placed in posterior region of the jaw.

Then a hybrid denture is made as a final prosthesis over the implants.

CBCT is must for the planning of such cases.

This treatment procedure has a few advantages over other procedures:

  • less invasive surgery 
  • prosthesis has better stability
  • improved esthetics
  • improved speech.
  • can be done in cases with decreased bone volume.
  • tilted implants avoids need for bone graft (reduced healing time)
  • allows immediate fixed temporary prosthesis.

We at Dental Precision Clinic, have time and again helped our patients to achieve a better life quality using this option for full mouth rehabilitation.

All On 6 Dental Implants

In this procedure, six implants are placed in each jaw. so total 12 implants are placed in both the jaws.

Then a hybrid denture is made as a final prosthesis over the implants.

It is a quite a technique sensitive procedure and require a great amount of planning.

CBCT is must for the planning of such cases.

We at Dental Precision Clinic, are a team of experienced clinicians who believe in ensuring uncompromising quality and reliability.

The use of six implants prevents further bone loss, increased support to the prosthesis, better distribution of forces.

Benefits of six dental implants:

  • Increased support for the prosthesis.
  • Better distribution of force.
  • Immediate prosthesis.
  • Prevents further bone loss.

Limitations of this procedure:

  • Adequate amount and of bone is required. The quality of bone is also considered before placing multiple implants.
  • Medical health of the patient plays an important role before opting for surgical intervention.

Hybrid Denture

This is fairly popular amongst the patients. It is a It consists of a cast metal framework, acrylic resin and denture teeth. It is a fixed implant supported prosthesis.


  • Less expensive in comparison to implant supported fixed pfm prosthesis.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Less technique sensitive.
  • Gives natural appearance in cases with severe bone and soft tissue loss


  • Wear off is early in denture teeth as compare to porcelain teeth.
  • Hygiene maintenance is little difficult as compare to over denture. Since it is a fixed prosthesis which cannot be removed by the patient.

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