Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Ashok Vihar

Full Mouth Rehabilitation pertains to a staged treatment aimed at restoring /replacing all your teeth and correcting any faults in bite position. As age advances, we lose natural tooth material due to wear and tear, trauma or poor dental habits. This results in pain in teeth and adjacent tissues, difficulties in eating and speaking, TMJ pain and also change in appearance. Compining the science of neuromuscular dentistry, the goal of this treatment is not just to reconstruct your dentition, but to re-establish a harmonius state of function between your teeth, gums, joint and muscles. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a complex procedure and requires a number of steps. Dr. Nikita has received training specifically for treating such type of cases and we assure to assist you in every possible way in rebuilding a smile custom made to suit your needs.

Our patients are our top most priority. Therefore, our primary concern is to address all your concerns and work together in building your confidence through a healthy smile. While we understand this might be a large time and money investment you will make, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Cases indicated for full mouth rehabilitation:

  • Severely worn out dentition.
  • Multiple missing or broken teeth.
  • Loss of height of the teeth.
  • Trauma from occlusion.
  • Orofacial pain.
  • Temporo-mandibular-joint pain.

Steps in full mouth rehabilitation:

Before starting the case, a full mouth x-ray helps us to plan the need of multiple treatments in the case ( root canal therapy, post n core, extraction, dental implants.) This helps us to provide final cost of the treatment.

  • Initial impression and face bow record. An appliance is given to wear overnight.
  • Determine Centric relation and bite record.
  • Meanwhile without starting on the patient, the final results are determined on the articulator. This allows our patients to see the final outcome on their casts without actually starting the further treatment.
  • Esthetics approval from the patient are done.
  • Root canals, extraction, post n core  (wherever required) are completed.
  • Crown preparation in the remaining teeth are completed.
  • Provisional (temporary) prosthesis is given to the patient. This is given for a period of 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile, patient is called in between to make the necessary adjustments. Basically, this temporary phase is quite important as helps the facial muscles to acclimatize to the original bite of the patient. Once this is achieved.
  • Final impression is taken of the prosthesis & the preparations.
  • Patient is called for the sequential final prosthesis cementation. Hygiene maintenance instructions are explained.

A week later, patient is called for the follow up.

Few Cases Of Full Mouth Done At Dental Precision Clinic

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