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Root Canal Treatment In Ashok Vihar

At Dental Precision, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional quality of dental care in Endodontics. Endodontic treatment commonly referred to as Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is intended to repair a tooth with an infected pulp (nerve of the tooth) secondary to cavity or injury. The goal of the treatment is to remove all the infected and inflamed tissue out of the tooth, clean the root canals thoroughly and successfully filling them with an inert radio opaque material. This is followed by placing a crown / cap over the tooth that has been restored with a permanent filling.

Being a specialized endodontic practice, we aim to save the natural tooth of the patient as far as possible. We perform Single Visit Painless Rotary RCT in all our cases.

Now looking towards the need for root canal treatment

  • If the cavity/caries progresses towards deeper layers of tooth. Such that the tooth/teeth are sensitive to hot & cold which lingers even after removal of hot & cold stimuli.
  • Severe tooth pain while eating or pressing the tooth.
  • Colour change of the tooth (generally after trauma).
  • A small bump in the associated gum area which sometimes even releases abscess.

The costing of a root canal procedure depends on various factors

  • Complex anatomy of tooth
  • Rotary Endodontic is definitely expensive than conventional (hand) RCT (because of less visits, better prognosis)
  • Experience of the specialized dentist.

We at Dental Precision Clinic, have all the extensive armamentarium which is required for such complex cases.

Steps in a Root Canal Procedure:

  • Planing: A Pre-operative x-ray along with clinical examination and patient’s symptoms allows the dentist for appropriate planning of the case.
  • Anaesthesia : It is the first step before starting the procedure. The local anaesthesia will numb the area and prevents pain during procedure.
  • Isolation: A thin rubber dam sheet is placed around the teeth to prevent saliva to enter inside the canals.
  • Reaching The Canal Orifice: For this either the dentist will drill and reach the orifice or use a few tools to remove the damaged tooth portion and reach the canal orifice.
  • Cleaning The Canal: This step needs rotary rct files, set of colour coded files which are used with the help of a machine. They reach the complete length of the tooth and remove the damaged nerve tissue.
  • Sealing The Canal: In this step, the space created after pulp removal is filled with an inert radio opaque material. The perfect sealing of this area ensures no chances of bacterial growth in future. This perfect sealing is assessed with the help of x-ray. The access hole is also filled with a high strength restorative material.


Frequently Raised Doubts:

Long-Term Prognosis (outcome) of RCT?

Maintenance of good oral hygiene, along with regular dental check-up after a successful rct procedure can help the rct preserved tooth to last lifetime.

Root Canal Is An Extremely Painful Procedure!

More than 95% cases can be easily managed with the administration of adequate anesthesia, providing little or no discomfort to the patient. For remaining 5% cases, special anesthesia techniques and increasing dose helps patient to undergo the procedure without any difficulty. Such traumatized patients are generally referred to Dental Precision Clinic from all over Delhi NCR, to undergo successful RCT by our specialized Endodontist Dr. Ashish Jain.

Sittings (visits) for Rct?

In more than 90% cases, we finish our Rct procedure in single visit. For the remaining 10% cases with severe infection, MEDICAMENT is placed in the canals for 1 week and the sealing of canals is done in second visit.

Crown after RCT?

Cases with extensive loss of tooth structure or molars, generally need crown after Root Canal Procedure. In a few cases where there is extreme tooth structure loss, a post and core build up procedure is required before placing crown.


In anterior teeth which have adequate tooth structure, RCT is followed by a restoration/filling.

We at Dental Precision Clinic, have a wide variety of crowns from metal ceramic to all ceramic (metal-free) crowns with wide range of warranty period provided by the manufacturer. We provide metal-ceramic crowns with warranty of 3yrs, 5yrs & 15yrs respectively by the manufacturer.

In All-Cermaic Crowns, we provide 10yrs, 12yrs & 15yrs of warranty respectively. This allows our patients to opt the variant according to their budget and warranty requirements.

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